Outside In Beauty Hack: Probiotics To Feed Your Skin

Microorganisms don't only live in our gut, they live in the other mucosal surfaces of our bodies such as our mouth, nose, and even our skin. For example, when I first met my Functional Medicine doctor years ago, he prescribed a liquid probiotic that I was instructed to not only add to my water, but to snort into my nose daily to restore my nasal lining and keep it healthy. This doctor healed my leaky gut and leaky mucous membranes (who knew that was even a thing?) within just a few weeks and cured my horrendous chronic allergies, so I take his advice and the importance of the human microbiome very seriously. I realize this is new and even strange for a lot of people and there might be some naysayers, but I go by experience. And my experience when it comes to how this particular science rid me of 20+ years of allergies and several daily medications is nothing short of miraculous.

Since then, I've been keen to learn as much as I can about our body's ecology. And I go straight to the pioneering experts: my own personal doctor, but also Dr. Michael Gershon, Dr. Mark Hyman, and Dr. Frank Lipman...just to name a few. When it comes to skin health, I also love the work of Dr. Kara Fitzgerald, who treats her patients with the added knowledge that the skin's microorganisms could be a factor in skin issues, such as acne or eczema.

While many of us might understand the importance of keeping our gut healthy, we should also remember that our skin's ecology also needs to be in balance. One way to keep this delicate balance is to limit our skin's exposure to chemicals by using natural products whenever possible. Another is to assist our skin's ecology by literally feeding it probiotics, so a couple times a week, I slather probiotic rich yogurt on my face. I usually mix it with a little matcha tea powder and the contents of my morning's green tea bag after it's been steeped; but, sometimes I will mix it with a little acai berry powder for a super vitamin C boost. I let it dry completely then, rinse it off to baby soft and dewy skin.

Thankfully, the green beauty revolution has already eliminated the use of many of yesteryear's chemicals in skincare, but I predict a new probiotic trend in the beauty industry as more research develops. I have luxury skin products I try from time to time, but I still really love the economics and benefits of DIY beauty, such as my simple, cheap, yet super luxurious coconut oil and sugar scrub. This yogurt facial recipe costs less than 25 cents because you only need 2 teaspoons of yogurt (dairy or non-dairy), plus the remnants of your tea bag or a little superfood matcha or acai powder, so I think this is within everyone's budget! (You can thank me later for this beauty hack. 😀)

To your health and happiness!