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Healthibella Farm To Table Cooking Class

Join me to cook and eat lunch together on Thursday, March 19th at Bio Granja La Real just two minutes from Palma center. Yes, we're going to meet under a Mallorcan blue sky to prepare and eat gorgeous real food that will make us feel and look radiant! Places are limited, so please sign-up to reserve your spot.

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The event will take place on the La Real farm, where I have my own little garden, but we won't actually be farming so you need not worry about wearing gardening clothes! Just come prepared to chop, mince, slice, dice, season, sip, eat, laugh, and be amazed at how delicious healthy food really is! Dress up or down, but keep in mind, we will be cooking!

Healthibella advocates a 'love our body and love our earth’ whole foods plant based way of eating and these classes are about gathering together to cook and eat fresh food, as well as helping my clients and guests who want to know more about a complete or predominantly alkaline-whole-foods-plant-based diet (I know that’s a big word!), AND still enjoy some fish, pasture raised happy hen eggs, lean grass fed meats, and even high quality dairy—and sweets! Because life just isn’t as sweet without sweets!

What you won't find in any Healthibella recipe?

  • anything artificial and pseudo foods
  • processed meats, cheeses, and juices
  • wheat (even 'whole' wheat)
  • vegetable oils
  • table salt or sugar—refined, raw, cane, brown, etc.

What can you expect?

  • vibrant colorful vegetables and fruit
  • herbs, seeds, and nuts
  • fresh sustainable fish, grass fed meats, organic poultry
  • organic pasture raised eggs and organic dairy
  • whole, unrefined grains (wheat-free and gluten free)
  • all dishes are noted (VG = vegan | GF = gluten free | DF = dairy free | SF = Soy Free)

I've spent years creating and healthfully improving recipes and I love sharing them with my clients and the world!

So, let's get cooking! Below is the menu for March 19th. Classes are for all levels of experience and will emphasize the beauty of immediately harvested produce! To your health! Buen provecho!

VG = vegan | GF = gluten free | DF = dairy free | SF = Soy Free



Nibbles: Sóller Olives, Organic Mallorcan Sheep Cheese, and Healthibella Raw Cracked Flax & Rosemary Crackers


Organic Red Russian Kale, Fennel, Green Apple & Pomegranate Salad with a Sesame Cider Vinaigrette (VG, GF, DF, SF)

Organic Cauliflower & Red Chard Grain Free 'Couscous' with Roasted Garbanzos, Chili Avocado, Sunflower Greens & Herbs with a Lime Vinaigrette (VG, GF, DF, SF)

Whole Grilled Organic Sea Bass (Lubina) with Mediterranean Herbs, Garlic & Lemon (GF, SF, DF)


Raw Cacao Brownies with Fresh Mallorcan Strawberry & Beetroot Cashew Cream* (VG, GF, DF, SF)


Local Organic Red, White & Rose Wines
Still & Sparkling Water


* because of time constraints, I will be bringing the brownies and cream, but the recipe will be given to all guests.

** we will be cooking the meal together at rotating stations, not individually at solo stations

I'm so delighted to partner with Bio Granja La Real to hold these creative, yet simple farm-to-table cooking classes throughout the spring and summer, so please sign-up below for my newsletter to stay in touch about more upcoming events, as well as health tips and recipes.

Wishing you radiant health and happiness! Looking forward to eating together!


Founder of Healthibella and Board Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

JULI BAILER is the Founder of Healthibella, a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach  (American Association of Drugless Practitioners) trained at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition New York, and studying to be a Certified Wellness Coach in the CLEAN Program (Spring 2015) created by functional medicine cardiologist and detox expert Dr. Alejandro Junger. Juli favors a holistic approach to wellness and believes that the path to great health starts with positive lifestyle habits and loving compassion for ourselves—not negative deprivation! Juli grew up in Southern California, lived in NYC for 14 years, as well as Miami Beach, London, Switzerland, and Spain. She is a mother of two, a foodie, a former museum curator of contemporary art, and a big believer in 'small changes change the world.’