ABOUT THE RETREAT . . . or contact us with your questions!

Q. I have never been to a retreat. How different is it from vacation?

The retreat is a vacation package that has a voluntaryschedule of wellness activities with built-in leisure time for you to do your own thing. Think of this as a vacation designed for transformation from the inside out, which includes super healthy food—free of the common troublemaking food and drinks—along with physical activity to energize and tone our body and mind, and life-balancing coaching to feel brighter and clearer.

Q. I've never done yoga or meditation. Can I still come? What if I don't like it?

Our retreat offers a morning and afternoon yoga session, as well as an alternative outdoor sport offering. We encourage each person to move his/her own body the way they want to, but we do encourage you to move and be active for optimal results. Join the yoga or the combination yoga-fitness-sculpting session, or go for a swim in the sea or a run/hike through the mountains. It's your retreat! Because our retreat has a maximum of 10 participants, this allows our certified yoga teachers to give great attention to all level yoga practitioners.

Q. What kind of yoga do you offer?

We offer an open level, breath-centered flowing yoga. Our certified teachers will modify each class according to the ability of the group and each individual.

Q. I am not a vegetarian or vegan. Will I be hungry?

There will be eggs, fish, and some seafood options at some of the meals. We offer a varied plant-based diet, not vegan or vegetarian. However, vegans and vegetarians will have plenty to choose from as well. When the body receives the nutritionist it needs, it does not starve. 

Q. Can I still drink alcohol or eat outside of the retreat?

The first evening opens with a celebratory Healthibella Botanical Dinner, where organic wine is optional, but the following days of the retreat are 100% alcohol free. We highly encourage you to follow the carefully designed food and drink plan provided, but you are free! You are your own boss and we do not force anyone to eat, drink, or abstain from anything, unless it's illegal of course! There is zero tolerance for illegal substances. Other than that, you are free to do what you want in your own room or off premises, but please do not consume non-retreat food and drinks such as alcohol, cakes, etc. in the communal areas. Please understand that many participants are trying to end cravings for sugar, alcohol, coffee, cigarette, etc. and we offer an out-of-sight / out-of-mind environment to make this easier for them.

Q. I want to come with my spouse/partner. Can he/she come without participating?

Yes, of course! Your partner can join in any or none of the offered activities and classes. If he/she choose to eat with us, please just respect the food and drink rules for everyone apply to your partner (no alcohol or outside foods in the communal areas). Please understand that many participants are trying to end cravings for sugar, alcohol, coffee, cigarette, etc. and we offer an out-of-sight / out-of-mind environment to make this easier for them.

Q. I smoke cigarettes. Can I smoke on premises?

We are very sorry, but cigarettes are not permitted on or off the premises. You are free, of course, to smoke off the retreat premises. 

Q. Do I have to participate in all of the activities?

We encourage you to try a little of everything, but they are optional and no one will force you.

Q. How should I prepare for the retreat?

Two weeks prior to the retreat, you will receive a retreat package that will include everything you need to know, including a recommended packing list and a pre-retreat eating plan to help you ease into your retreat and help ensure successful days ahead!

Q. Should I buy travel insurance?

YES! Accidents and things can happen. We always recommend travel insurance to all participants.

Q. Can you guarantee weight loss or losing a habit or craving?

We offer complete support for each individual. We are confident that if you follow our retreat's recommendations you will feel lighter, brighter, and clearer. Your passion and commitment are the best indicators of your success. However, success is measured individually and we cannot guarantee what is so subjective.

The Healthibella Superhealth Retreat is like no other vacation! Our retreat is designed to be transformative days in utter luxury and are always held at exquisite villas on Mallorca. Luxury setting aside, we offer a comprehensive holistic wellness program with an optional, cutting-edge detox meal plan. Guests can choose from a spectrum of clean eating menus that were meticulously created by Healthibella's founder, Juli Bailer, a Board Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and a coach in the CLEAN method by Dr. Alejandro Junger—functional medicine doctor and the world's foremost authority on detox. Additionally, Healthibella’s comprehensive yoga, sport, meditation, and stress relief program and wellness toolkits combat cravings, anxiety, and fatigue, particularly associated with detoxes. And, you'll be in extra good hands with our in-house Osteopath and Naturopath Klaus Zeumer, regarded by many as the the island's best therapist in osteopathy, acupuncture, massage, and kinesiology. We leave no stone unturned to give you the most complete reset plan available in the Baleares!