Healthibella's 10 Golden Rules

Hello Healthibellas (and Healthibellos!),

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season and looking forward to a bright new year! And, I hope these little golden rules will help brighten and clarify your path of health and wellness in 2015 and years to come. Well, they're not rules as much as reminders and I think we all need reminders, including yours truly...


One of the saddest phenomena of modern living is our disconnection to our food and our bodies, and I believe this immense disconnection is the root cause of why millions of people struggle with their weight, dislike their bodies, and suffer from body image disorders, as well as other chronic syndromes. As a Holistic Health Coach, the cornerstone of my philosophy is to help clients reestablish a loving relationship with their bodies, no matter what size or shape. Whether it is losing unwanted extra weight, being more physically active, or overcoming an addiction or health crisis, mending our connection with our bodies and our selves is the only true solution to achieve life-lasting goals.

I focus first on food. Of course, food isn't everything, but our food has a direct impact on our bodies and our well being. The disheartening health statistics, as well as the overwhelming number of processed and fast food products on the market, confirm that the majority of the Western population eat a Standard Western Diet—full of fake food items that wreak havoc on our health and our innate connection to our bodies. Without a solid foundation of food and healthy lifestyle habits, it is too difficult to resist the faux food items that meet us at every turn. And, like a vicious cycle, poor food unfortunately leads to poorer choices, leading to fully fledged poor habits, and ultimately to a feeling of entrapment in a society that wants to feed us garbage, but expects us to look like glossy fashion images. The main proposed solution so far has been to diet or workout like crazy—starving ourselves, counting calories, carbs, fat, exercising aggressively (not joyfully) at the gym—for the sake of achieving temporary results. Judging from the multi-billion dollar diet industry and the multi-billion dollar health crisis, there are millions of us who have thought or still feel intense, even depressing thoughts about ourselves, our bodies, even our spirits (myself included). Have you ever felt . . .

  • "This is my body, and I'm stuck with it."
  • "I can't change." (mind, body, emotions, habits)
  • "I'm ugly anyway, so it doesn't matter."
  • "I feel miserable in my body and don't want to see myself undressed in the mirror."

Reaffirming the inherent beauty of our amazing bodies is the first step on a journey of health. If we walk around in a body that we dislike or even hate, we are less likely to want to nurture and love it. Many critics of advertising will point out that the glossy fashion models portray a perfection that is unachievable for most people, causing millions of people to disdain their bodies. I agree with this in part. It's true, if we begin comparing ourselves to others, advertising images of perfect bodies certainly won't help us to find anything to love about our own bodies. However, I think the problem is a more complex combination of marketing ideals, poor food quality and education, spiritual disconnecton, and no real support for people to find an alternative way.

Take weight loss: carrying extra weight does have many health implications, so as a Health Coach, I want to help clients reconnect with their bodies, begin from a loving place, and steadily introduce new foods and habits that will support whatever weight loss or health goals they seek. The diet industry is much too based on negative body imaging, fast results, and completely devoid of love and humanity. This is not a foundation for positive change. I offer a more "whole"istic approach. 

Below are just my favorite top ten tips for great health. I will be adding more of these Golden Rule postcards in the new year, so sign up for my free newsletter!


I call these golden rules, but like all gold nuggets of wisdom, they're simply based on common sense. The Healthbiella way of eating is not a restrictive regimen based on numbers. It is about nourishing our bodies with the freshest, most natural and gorgeous foods this beautiful planet has to offer. Introducing new foods and habits in our life may seem daunting in the beginning, but as our mind and body adapt, it will flow, feel natural, effortless, and even be enjoyable!

1. You are what you ate.

  • Your cells are directly made and you are fueled by the food you have eaten.
  • Not only does our food create our cells, it affects our chemistry and thus influences our mood and decisions.

2. Don''t put into your beautiful mouth what you can't pronounce. (Except Quinoa: Keen-Wa)

  • Read the ingredients.
  • Try to stick with foods that have less than 5.
  • Even better is to eat mostly whole foods that don't even have a list of ingredients: vegetables, fruit, whole grains, eggs, fish, etc.

3. You only have one body. Love it with foods that love it back.

  • We sometimes forget that this is the one body we get and caring for it is paramount.
  • We sometimes eat foods that give our body difficulties, such as bloating, indigestion, headaches.
  • Some of us haven't identified which are our trigger foods, so spending a few weeks truly discovering which foods our body actually loves will be rewarding beyond measure!

4. More H2O. Aim daily for 35X in mililitre what you weigh in kilos. Eliminate or greatly reduce soda, processed fruit juice, sports drinks, coffee, and alcohol.

  • When we swap these drinks for pure simple water, it is the most effortless track to improved health and weight.
  • Drinking more water automatically means we have less space or need for the other drinks.
  • We also often eat when our body is actually just dehydrated.
  • Not using metric? Drink half your body weight (lbs) in ounces.

5. Cut 5 for 5. The five most common toxic triggers: sugar, gluten, coffee, alcohol, and dairy.

  • Even if you can tolerate these in moderation, periodically cut out these five for five days to rest and rebalance.
  • This "pulsing out" is not detoxing. It's a great practice for when we've overindulged and want to feel lighter, brighter, and get back into our skinny jeans.

6. You're not fake and cheap. Your food shouldn't be either.

  • We spend millions on so many other trivial things and even low quality food, but why do we think an organic apple is expensive?
  • Higher quality real food has even been proven to be more cost effective than eating fast and processed foods, but definitely in the long run, the savings on medical care have been shown to be enormous.

7. Count chemicals. Not calories.

  • Update your database. All calories are not created equal.
  • Calories are not what is making us overweight.
  • Be cautious of the myriad of chemicals in our food.

8. Add dark leafy greens to everything that you might just come up with a winning recipe.

  • The majority of people do not consume enough nutrient rich greens.
  • Load up your salad with different leafy greens and microgreens, add spinach to omelettes, add kale to smoothies, add greens to your soups, heap rucola on your get the idea!

9. Cook, eat, and reflect on your food with love. Vitamin L is the most important nutrient.

  • Lovingly preparing and eating our food is so important.
  • Reflecting back without guilt is also super important.
  • Without love, we cannot thrive. Without love in our life (family, friends, nature, even a pet), I believe we cannot be truly healthy. One of the shared qualities of centenarians (those who live to 100+), is loving social connectivity.
  • Infuse love into all the little things you do.

10. Program your Bat Call! Schedule time for sport, yoga, dancing...whatever gets your heart racing with joy.

  • Eating nutritious whole foods may make up 80% of weight loss and health goals, but it is not everything. Moving our bodies is vital.
  • The more we move our bodies, the more we connect with it. When we feel our muscles after stretching, running, playing tennis, or gardening, they are alive for us, not just dead weight we carry around. Get your heart rate up. Be joyful. Move your body!
  • And most importantly, make time in your schedule for it or it won't happen!

Wishing you radiant health and infinite happiness this holiday season. Happy new year!

xx, Juli



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