Exonerating Eggs: Are All Eggs Created Equally?


Debunking one of the most common medical myths, new research has shown that humans do not increase blood cholesterol levels by eating cholesterol.

We increase cholesterol by eating refined processed flour, sugars, and fats. When you eat refined and processed grains, sugar, or drink soda or juice, these are converted into sugar and then your liver converts them into fat, including cholesterol. So your liver makes most of your cholesterol.
— Dr. Frank Lipman, Founder and Director of Eleven Eleven Wellness Center, NYC


Mass produced eggs from antibiotic fed hens and eggs from pasture raised hens fed a natural and omega 3 rich diet are two distinctly different foods with two distinctly different compositions of fatty acids. When Dr. Lipman, an internationally recognized expert in the field of Functional Medicine and a medical lecturer at my school Institute of Integrative Nutrition (Dr. Lipman has a team of Integrative Nutrition Health Coaches at his center!) champions the health benefits of eggs, he is referring to pasture raised eggs.

I don't usually rely on nutritional advice from physicians (in the U.S., physicians have only about 20 hours of nutrition coursework in their training), but Frank Lipman M.D., Mark Hyman M.D., and Andrew Weil, M.D., are a few of the leading medical advisors at my school that are at the forefront of nutritional research and evidence based treatment, who use a "food as medicine" philosophy to heal thousands of patients.. Nutritional science has made such sweeping discoveries in the last twenty years, that we now know that much of what we learned about food before then is no longer accurate. We have to consistently update our database! One of the reasons I studied at Integrative Nutrition was because I wanted to learn updated nutrition out of the standard box. In this world of food intolerances and bio-specific dietary needs, the government food plate will make many of us ill!


Eggs are nature's perfect food for anyone who doesn't have digestive stress. Eggs are taken out on most detox programs to allow the digestive tract and leaky gut to repair, after which, eggs can be a wonderful food.

Newly exonerated from its cholesterol increasing reputation, we can now appreciate eggs for what they’ve been for thousands of years—one of the most perfect whole foods because they contain all of the essential amino acids and are extremely rich in many difficult-to-get, but key nutrients (it’s important to look for food sources for nutrients because our bodies understand and absorb them better through food than supplements). All the B vitamins, including choline; as well as iron, zinc, methionine, and lutein, which is crucial for eye health, are found in pasture raised eggs. Pasture raised eggs are also rich in omega 3s, antioxidant minerals like selenium, and high biological value protein. (The nutrients found in an egg are distributed fairly evenly between the yolk and the white. Keep in mind we only starting eating egg white omelettes—so 80s and 90s— when we were led to believe that egg yolks increase blood cholesterol.)


Beyond eggs and their complications for persons with digestive distress and leaky gut, as mentioned above, hen's eggs are one of the most common allergy-related foods, which means an allergy test or removing eggs for two weeks and then reintroducing them can help you identify if they are troublesome for you.


If you should choose to consume eggs, try to find a high quality small local farm, or a very high quality larger scale egg producer, not just for taste and optimal nutrition, but to minimize your risk of exposure to SE (Salmonella Enteritidis) contaminated eggs.


Lastly, eggs are convenient, easy to store, and inexpensive to boot, which is why they’ve been enjoyed for thousands of years as a staple food! I ALWAYS have eggs around. I usually boil a bunch every week so they’re already cooked and ready to add to salads or just eaten on their own as a great protein snack.

I hope this information was helpful!

So, if you like eggs, I have a few recipes for you: Frittata Muffins, Deviled Avocado Eggs, and Shakshuka. Just click on the images to go to the recipe page! Bon appetit!

To your health and happiness, Juli