A Peek Inside My Drawers Part 1: Healthibella's Refrigerator

Having healthy, fresh, real body-loving food in the kitchen means our snacks and meals are that much more wholesome and nutritious, and healthier eating habits begin with healthier food buying practices. We all have our personal preferences and intolerances for food, but I'll share the things I most love to have around to eat!

My fridge is the first of this "peek inside my drawers" series, but since my kitchen counter (pictured above) holds a lot of produce that I don't like refrigerated or have space for in the fridge, I'll start there. Forthcoming posts will peek inside my pantry, spice, and other kitchen drawers. I open my kitchen with the hopes of making it easier for my clients and readers to use as a guideline as they develop their own healthy eating practices. I hope you find it useful, if not mildly curious!

Oh and P.S., the Healthibella shopping list is always available as a convenient PDF download right here.

To your health and happiness! xx, Juli


  • organic eggs (we sponsor two hens at our organic farm that are fed fresh wheatgrass, resulting in totally amazing eggs!)
  • tomatoes (refrigerating alters the taste; it's bad enough when they need this to be transported)
  • bananas (never in the fridge, but I always freeze them in chunks for smoothies)
  • oranges (because I don't like them so cold)
  • any veggies like bunches of kale or chard that need to be eaten right away or don't fit in the fridge
  • potted herbs
  • oils, vinegars, spices, etc. (I'll share my pantry and spice drawers in another post)



  • organic whole milk yogurt pots for quick snacks like an acai berry bowl with raw honey, fresh fruit, seeds, etc. (I buy unflavored organic whole milk or make my own coconut yogurt and I stay away from sugar/artificially sweetened flavored fruit yogurt like the plague.)
  • radishes, carrot sticks, and other raw veggies in glass jars for immediate snacking
  • tender fruit such as mangos, avocados, and pomegranates are on shelves up front so they're visible
  • miso paste, coconut flour, coconut butter
  • fresh cold-pressed beet juice for smoothies
  • my Symbioflor probiotic, Child Life Vitamin & Minerals (a high quality liquid multi I give my kids daily are perishables and need refrigeration)
  • olives, Thai chiles, radish sprouts
  • 3 containers of condiments: nut butters, preserves, dijon, tomato paste, etc. (condiments in these box containers makes it easy to go from fridge to table or counter and back)
  • bowl of lemons and limes (hidden at the back)
  • organic red chard from my garden, local strawberries, raw coconut crystals
  • organic apples, lettuce, container of superfoods (scroll down for list)


  • no one in my family eats meat, so this drawer keeps foods like soy and cheese (we don't eat a lot of soy, but I like to have the purer forms of soy like tofu and tempeh in the fridge because they keep well and are great for stir fries, pad thai, etc.)
  • I adore all cheeses, but eat limited quantities and prefer sheep, goat, buffalo—and always organic (On a small island like Mallorca, we have to hunt organic products down, not just go to Whole Foods. I am finding more and more organic products here, except buffalo mozzarella; but I have recently found a high quality slow food buffalo cheese, just not certified organic. Getting better every day!)


  • more fruit & veggies like broccoli, carrots, celery, fennel, cucumbers, citrus fruits, radicchio, baby bok choy, herbs, etc.


  • special oils that I don't use often go rancid easily, organic butter
  • capers, anchovies, fresh lemongrass, ginger root, turmeric root
  • sweeteners such as maple syrup, coconut nectar, elderberry syrup, stevia
  • dark chocolate and miscellaneous bottles of seasonings like Tabasco, Worchestershire, and organic ketchup
  • aloe vera juice, coconut water, rice milk, soaking almonds for homemade almond milk
  • sparkling mineral rich water, espresso, tigernuts for homemade Horchata, chilled beer/wine, etc.


  • wild salmon and organic farmed salmon (my kids complain the wild salmon I buy is too fishy, so the organic salmon is a compromise)
  • frozen spinach, peas, artichoke hearts
  • homemade pesto and 'leftover' sauces or soups
  • fruit I cut and freeze, such as berries, bananas, mango, and papaya for smoothies
  • homemade raw brownie bites in silicone moulds (my recipe here)
  • nori paper, ginger root, ice


  • acai powder
  • chia seeds, flax seed powder
  • hemp powder, hemp seeds
  • caco nibs, cacao powder, cacao butter solids
  • maca powder
  • lucuma powder
  • bee pollen
  • green powders: supergreens blend, spirulina powder, matcha tea, wheatgrass powder