Do as the Earth Does: the Equilibrium of the Spring Equinox

The earth on the Spring Equinox. Photo: National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration's GOES-13 satellite

It’s officially spring for the Northern Hemisphere! March 20 marks this year's Spring Equinox—when day and night are in perfect balance. In the yogic tradition, reflecting on this special harmonious energy of the earth before it bursts into the great renewal that is spring is an important meditation. On this day, I especially like to practice balancing activities, such as headstands and handstands. I love to feel the weightlessness of being upside down and try to focus on being in complete balance—not swaying one way or the other and just trying to find that sweet and gentle equilibrium. Oddly, because my feet don’t touch the earth and my legs and spine don’t hold me up, inversions feel anti-gravitational—that’s the beautiful weightlessness of the pose for me. But, if topsy turvy isn’t your thing, any physical balancing activity, such as surfing, SUP, or slackline walking are all excellent ways to work on our balance while also cultivating mental balance, which hopefully translates into emotional equilibrium too.

Upside Down Me: Garudasana Sirsasana / Eagle Headstand on Playa de Palma, Mallorca.

Calm is a superpower.

Now, if I can just invite this energy into other areas of my life that are in need of such sweet poise. Have you ever thought about how we seem to be always driven by an impulse to DO something—to move toward or away from ideas, things, people and are almost never simply and calmly reflecting on being neutral…If even for a moment. This seems like a great quality that is nearly void in our overactive, near hyperactive society—everyone trying to go somewhere and do better. Of course I'm a big believer in proaction too—of the self and in the world. There’s still so much good and thoughtful change needed on this planet. And I know that sitting on my butt doesn’t produce results most of the time (unless it's for meditation). Meditation has taught me that we can learn to practice a graceful neutrality that is a superpower of its own—and a quality that is highly advantageous in our rushed and forward-only way of living. (We just need to ask any diplomat about how important it is to learn the art of neutrality!)

So, my meditation for this Spring Equinox is to reflect on the moment before the thought bubbles up into an idea, action, or reaction, and staying in the realm of neutrality without moving physically or mentally in any direction. "Just being" as they say.

Then I’ll be set to enjoy the full arrival of spring. I’ll be spending the first days of spring in the southeast of the island at the seaside. Some of the ways I would love to celebrate the new season this year:

  • strolling with my family on the Colonial St Jordi boardwalk next to the sea and taking in all the Mediterranean wildflowers that are in bloom
  • creating a beautiful picnic 
  • making calendula syrup with the many blossoms from my garden
  • planting new seedling veggies
  • eating eating organic asparagus (my quinoa pea and asparagus risotto recipe here!)
  • watching the sun set later and later each day!

Happy Spring! To your health and happiness! xx, Juli