Founded in 2015 in the Balearic Islands, Spain, Healthibella is a health and wellness lifestyle company working in Europe-—and beyond through its online presence—to empower people to become their most healthy and radiant selves. We offer this through our nutrition and health coaching, natural gourmet cooking courses, total wellbeing workshops, and luxury super-health retreats, as well as our curated online content.

Because health is everyones's concern, Healthibella is not just for the ladies! At Healthibella, we also love the guys (we call them Healthibellos) as well as our teen and young adult followers. Juli and her daughter Gigi make up the Healthibella Teen Team and are hard at work to provide important and inspiring content for our younger audience.

Our coaching philosophy takes its cue from nature. We don't believe in living by trendy diets. We believe in eating fresh whole foods to not just live, but thrive. We believe in being open-minded about the ever evolving science of nutrition. We believe food is paramount, but it's not more important than the love in our lives. We believe in giving you the most expertly curated, tried and tested advice on all matters of wellness—from what we eat to beauty sleep to skincare.


Juli is a Board Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach (American Association of Drugless Practitioners) trained at the leading Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York.

A former museum curator of contemporary art, Juli made the move to health and wellness after taking time off from her full-time career to care for baby number two—although art is still very much a part of her life and she enjoys dealing an artwork or two now and then! Her varied professional background also includes high fashion and beauty photography with some of NYC's top photographers, models, and stylists.

Juli is a practitioner of yoga for 20 years, a certified Mindfulness and Embodiment Coach, a Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher, and a certified cardiac and cancer yoga therapist in the Nischala Joy Devi Yoga of the Heart method.

As a passionate advocate for eating real, whole unprocessed food as more important than the myriad of diets trending today, in 2015, Juli was appointed the Palma de Mallorca Ambassador for the Food Revolution, created by the Jamie Oliver Foundation to advocate for food education and the culinary arts—a philosophy that Juli wholeheartedly embraces. Since her relocation to Switzerland in October 2017, she is the Food Revolution Ambassador for Zurich.

Juli grew up in Southern California, lived in NYC for 15 years, and has been blessed to call other wonderful places such as Miami Beach, London, Belgium, Vietnam, and Switzerland as home, and has been living in Mallorca since 2012. She is a wife and mother, a passionate advocate for global literacy through her commitment to Room to Read. A big believer in the mantra 'health is wealth,’ Juli also believes the key to a happy life is to, as Mother Teresa said, "do small things with love." For more about her healthy journey, see Juli's Bio.



Gigi joins forces with her mother, Juli, as a contributing blogger to create content specifically for teens and young women, engage them in conversation, and inspire them to live a healthy and radiant life!

Gigi was born in New York City in 2003 and has traveled extensively around the world in her fourteen years of life. In addition to excelling academically, Gigi is passionate about dance and has participated in the Dance World Cup Spain among other competitions. She is a native speaker of English, German, and Castilian Spanish, and her favorite subjects in school are English, history, French, and biology.


Heiko joined Healthibella as our CFO, a synergistic move that combines his expertise in financial asset management with his life-long passion for extreme outdoor sports. (Yes, Healthibella loves men too!) Born and raised in Germany, Heiko moved to the United States to finish his education, earning a Ph.D. and a Certificate of Financial Engineering from the University of Washington, Seattle, and then worked for many years on Wall Street, London, Tokyo, Zurich, and Shanghai, where he is a partner in a hedge fund.

Yet, ever present in his life was sports—from skiing to trekking and free climbing many of the Alps's top peaks to being part of the early European snowboarding scene—an opportunity that allowed Heiko to test boards and instruct. His passion for windsurfing led to his catching the waves of the new kitesurfing sensation at its inception, a sport he still runs off to do the minute he gets a chance. Swimming in the Mediterranean, trail running, mountain biking, hiking, and yoga round out his regular weekly sports regimen.

On so many occasions, Heiko’s love for sports almost led him to turn his hobbies into a profession, particularly during his competition in the USA Extreme Skiing Championships, but he persevered through his rigorous mathematical training and work in the financial market. It goes without saying that he wholeheartedly embraces the opportunity to work in the health, wellness, and sports industry through his work with Healthibella.

Heiko is also a PADI dive instructor and has a license for motor and sail boats. He is married to Juli, Founder of Healthibella, and is the father of two sporty, energetic children. He likes a beer now and then, but nothing beats a glass of the Healthibella House Green Juice!


Klaus Zeumer, Wellness Contributor, Osteopath, Naturopath

Klaus is the founder of La Balance, practicing in Palma de Mallorca since 1996, and considered by many to be the island's best in his field. He brings a tremendous wealth of knowledge and wisdom in many therapies—including Reiki, acupuncture, kinesiology, and Mental Health Coaching.

We are extremely lucky to have Klaus as our in-house Osteopath at our Superhealth Retreats, ensuring that our guests have the best bodywork and holistic therapies available during their stay.