The Healthibella Superhealth Retreat can be brought to your vacation villa to make your vacation unlike any other vacation! Our retreat is designed to be transformative days with a comprehensive holistic wellness program, plus an optional, cutting-edge detox meal plan. Choose from a spectrum of clean eating menus that were meticulously created by Healthibella's founder, Juli Bailer, a Board Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. Additionally, Healthibella’s comprehensive yoga, sport, meditation, and stress relief program and wellness toolkits combat cravings, anxiety, and fatigue, particularly associated with detoxes. We leave no stone unturned to give you the most complete reset plan available!

Our Superhealth Retreat was created to allow you to have a holistic mind-body-soul loving holiday that supports your total YOU: calms your mind, nourishes your body, and awakens your soul.

Un-Wind — Un-Plug — De-Stress — De-Tox — Re-Connect — Re-Set

We are confident that everyone would benefit from the retreat’s action steps toward holistic wellness. Our retreat is especially catered to busy professionals who are ready to embrace change in their lifestyle and seek peace of mind, along with the tools to maintain that balance in everyday life.

The retreat's menu was created with the aim of making the most delicious and positive impact in helping people understand their food cravings and rewire their tastebuds. The entire program was carefully designed with your journey towards health and super health in mind, so you won't return home feeling bloated, overweight, stressed, partied out and feeling like you need a crash diet, a detox, extra gym hours, or even another vacation! 


  • eating delicious, freshly prepared "gourmet clean" and nourishing food
  • stretching and toning your precious body under a blue sky
  • calming and rewiring your mind with mindfulness exercises
  • running, hiking, and exploring a beautiful Mediterranean island
  • pampering your body and soul with massages and lots of Vitamin Sea
  • shedding not only fat, but also your worries

Return home glowing with beautiful skin, renewed vitality, and reawakened vision for your life!


  • Un-Wind from your super busy, multi-tasking life
  • Un-Plug from your hyper digital daily activities of emails, messages, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, etc. to either a complete digital detox or a structured digital 'diet'
  • De-Stress from the accumulated worries and anxieties that cause premature aging & illness
  • De-Tox your body with clean, body-loving food and De-Tox your mind of mental negativity and toxic thoughts
  • Re-Connect your mind, body, and soul, as well as Re-Connect with nature and others
  • Re-Set your body to want healthy, whole foods and Re-Set your desires to align with your true intentions for improved life balance


We can modify the schedule, giving you plenty of flexibility to tailor this retreat for your needs and wishes.

Morning Meditation

A daily mindfulness meditation to set your intention for the day, align your mind with your heart, and discover various "mental detoxing" techniques to develop focus and clarity.

~  Morning Breakfast~

Morning Yoga or Combo-Fitness Session

  1. a blissful, gentle yoga session to awaken your body, stretch your muscles, and tone your mind!
  2. an energizing toning and stretching class combining yoga with fascia sculpting, ballet barre, TAM, and Pilates derived exercises for ultimate body sculpting—because while your waistline slims, you'll want to start toning those beautiful muscles!

~ Lunch ~

Bespoke Afternoon Sport or Leisure

  • open level yoga
  • SUP (stand-up-paddling)
  • kayaking
  • hiking
  • trail running
  • mountain biking
  • leisurely exploring the island
  • massage or bodywork treatment

~ Mocktails, Dinner & Evening Social Hour ~

Sunset Meditation


All pictured foods were lovingly prepared and photographed by Healthibella:

Food is everything, isn't it? Or nearly everything! Our menu was lovingly developed to provide total nourishment for your body. If you are joining us as a CLEAN detox participant, your delicious meals were meticulously conceived to be satisfying, yet compatible with your detox plan!

All meals, smoothies, juices, snacks, and beverages are freshly prepared by our specialist culinary chef. All recipes are free of gluten and processed soy and sugars, using the highest quality local and organic ingredients to promote healing, harmony, and wellness. 

The retreat’s menu is divided into two groups:

  1. Superhealth Retreat Participants
  2. Superhealth + Extra CLEAN Detox Retreat Participants


  • 3 daily nourishing, delicious, carefully conceived and freshly made meals—as well as smoothies, freshly pressed juices, snacks, and non-alcoholic mocktails and aguas frescas prepared by our expertly trained culinary chef and the Healthibella team
  • daily meditation, yoga, and fitness classes and plenty of leisure time to engage in other sports and activities, such as stand-up-paddle, kayaking, hiking, or exploring the island
  • kitchen class: smoothies, green juicing, and raw "rainbow salads" 
  • holistic life-balancing sessions to help you create and manifest your vision for your life
  • 1 60 minute massage
  • nurturing and support to help you feel and radiate your most beautiful self
  • daily chambermaid service

The Healthibella team is waiting to support you towards your health and wellness goals!

Wishing you radiant health and inner serenity,

Juli & the Healthibella Team