Healthibella Founder, Juli, has a certificate in the Bo Forbes therapeutics course Yoga, Mindfulness, Neuroscience, the Body, and Contemplative Practices developed by the pioneering American yoga therapist and clinical psychologist Bo Forbes. Juli is also a teacher of the Yoga Of The Heart Cardiac and Cancer Therapy Program developed by Nischala Joy Devi—an internationally respected master yoga teacher and yoga therapist for over 30 years and regarded as the pioneer and world’s expert teacher of yoga therapy to help persons with life-challenging diseases.

Nischala Devi developed the Yoga of the Heart program in the 1980s with Dr. Dean Ornish, the Harvard educated cardiologist and former physician to President Bill Clinton, and served for seven years as the Director of The Dean Ornish Program for Reversing Heart Disease. Also in the 1980s, Ms. Devi, together with Dr. Michael Lerner, co-founded the Commonweal Cancer Help Program. The various clinical trials were conducted with an expert team of clinical nutritionists, cardiac and cancer rehabilitation therapists, and psychologists working together with patients under strict physiological monitoring. The YOTH program uses time-honored wisdom and scientifically proven methods and includes only the yoga exercises and methods that were proven through clinical trials to lower stress, improve emotional health, and encourage reversal of both cardiac disease and certain cancers.

The Yoga of the Heart method also works wonderfully as a stress management program that includes restorative, gentle yoga exercises to increase circulation and lymphatic flow, as well as deep relaxation, imagery, and various meditation techniques. It has been clinically shown to help patients with heart disease and cancer, but the method can also provide relief from an array of chronic health problems—as a stand alone therapy or to supplement other therapies. Through practice, the benefits of yoga can be achieved by anyone with a chronic injury or condition and is especially suitable for those whose physical limitations prevent them from joining a group class.

The Yoga of the Heart therapy benefits adults and children living with:

  • Cancer (pre, during, and post treatment)
  • Heart Disease (pre and post surgery, and cardiac rehab)
  • High Risk for Heart Disease (high blood pressure/high cholesterol)
  • Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, Arthritis, and other Autoimmune Diseases
  • Attention Deficit Disorders, Anxiety and Depression
  • Other Debilitating Illnesses such as High Stress and Risk for Burnout Syndrome

For more information about the Yoga of The Heart Program, The Dean Ornish Program for Reversing Heart Disease, or the Commonweal Cancer Help Program, as well as published studies of the various clinical studies, please visit:

Compassion is the sacred energy that flows through the heart chakra to each and every living thing in the universe. When accessed it allows us to feel a sense of oneness with all.
— Nischala Joy Devi