Classic Picnic: A Meal in Nature

Everyone loves a picniclazying around on a blanket under the sky, eating out in nature. When I lived in New York, I loved to prepare elaborate Central Park picnics with all the 'fixings' (pretty blankets, candles, real crockery, and food from Whole Foods, Citarella, and Balducci's, and dessert from Payard Bakery...with grown up friends, and no children those days, there were more hands to carry all the goods!). In Switzerland, my husband and I, and our then toddler-aged brood, often hiked and took our meals on a mountain summit or nestled in the woods looking for fairies. Nature lovers that we are, in Mallorca, my family and I spend A LOT of time outdoors. Sometimes we combine our outings with eating out, but I always find that packing one's own food is usually the healthiest option.

I recently put together a rather classic assortment for our family's sunset picnic. I didn't prepare my usual favorites such as pesto pasta, cauliflower 'couscous,' or a legume salad because I just didn't feel like cooking (it's been SO hot). I wanted to bring along simple eat-with-hands kind of food, so I built the spread around some French ficelle and baguette (in this case they are wheat from a French bakery in Palma; I don't often eat wheatjust a little now and thenbut I wanted bread that could be and SHOULD be hand torn!). Additionally, I packed some fresh and preserved foods that I like to pack for on-the-go eating. My usual summer favorites are:

  • chilled homemade classic gazpacho (in the mason jars; recipe forthcoming)
  • organic hard boiled eggs from the healthy happy hens at our farm
  • creamy Italian burrata (from Naturalmente Italia in Mercat Santa Catalina)
  • marinated artichoke hearts (I'm addicted to these from Naturalmente Italia in Mercat Santa Catalina)
  • Spanish olives
  • Spanish bonito tuna in olive oil (I only like preserved tuna in olive oil)
  • sweet oranges from Fornalutx in the north of Mallorca
  • radishes (which I love to eat with a little sea salt)
  • organic grapes, peaches, plums, apricots
  • chilled organic cava (a Spanish sparkling wine similar to Italian Prosecco)
  • freezer chilled organic coconut water
  • Mallorcan almond oil
  • Mallorcan sea salt

+ plus not to forget: a large blanket (I love this one that I bought at Vincent Ferrer shop in Palma; it's made in India and is adorned with beautiful script) and extra drinking water, and pack it all in a picnic basket (Since I left my picnic backpack in my home in Switzerland, I converted my garden basket into a picnic basket. Less comfortable to carry, but It works!).

Location: One of our favorite places to snorkel and enjoy the sunset is Reserva marina de I'illa del toro in the southwest of Mallorca. I hope you enjoy the photos of this stunning little cove!

To your health and happiness!