You Have to Hike or Sail for this Paella with a View, but Just Go!

Sa Foradada Selfie with My Chi

Believe the hype! This paella is incredible. In fact, go even if you don't like paella, or eat seafood or meat--you can always order a vegetarian version or something else from the menu! Even though I live in Spain, I don't always eat paella. It's more of a Sunday thing here and I only order it when there are enough people to share it. And, even though I live on an island, I don't eat a lot of seafood, just occasionally some local red prawns from Sóller (FYI: Jamie Oliver has proclaimed these to be the best in the world!) or Galician clams (super iron rich food!). But, this paella was the one of the best I've had in Mallorca. Even if it had been mediocre, the dramatic setting and the attentive service we received would been well worth the hike! Okay, so where exactly was this dish?

Well known because of its postcard fame, the cove of Sa Foradada and its 10 metre hole in the rugged rock has been captivating islanders and visitors alike for hundreds of years, and hanging on the edge of the cliff is . . .

Sa Foradada Restaurant 

Photo: Mallorca Zeitung

Emilio Fernández and his family have been creating this famous paella for forty years in this intimate setting nestled in the Tramuntana mountain range overlooking the glistening sea. Just look at (and hopefully taste!) that paella loaded with only the freshest seafood and the incredible, panoramic views, and it's easy to see why it's one of the most adored seaside dining spots on the island!

But you need to earn it as it's only accessible by boat or hiking, which keeps it nicely off the beaten path. The hike down is about 45 minutes, and the hike back up the trail is fairly easy; just a few stretches of steeper slopes. Or, arrive by sea, anchor your boat in the spectacular cove, swim in the fresh water, and then walk five minutes up to the restaurant!

Whether you live here or are just visiting, spend a day to see this precious spot in the beautiful Serra de Tramuntana, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This intimate location is actually not too inconvenient though, since it's between Valdemossa and Deià—two must see villages in the area that will make great bookends for your visit to Sa Foradaa.

P.S. Be sure to call the restaurant for a reservation! You don't want to hike all that way and not get a table!