Golden Hour in Mallorca

My last sunset in Mallorca . . . for now, at least . . . 

Of all the places I've been in the Mediterranean, I think this has the most magical light! I'm a light chaser. As a former photographer, I guess I'm wired to be sensitive to it. It's what drew me to the medium to begin with and what keeps me engaged even though I no longer professionally work in it. (I have a bachelor's and master's in fine art photography and photography history because I love it THAT much . . . it seems a lifetime ago though because when I first started photography, professionals were just starting to use digital!). I'm shutter-happy so I'm grateful to have an iPhone to snap a halfway decent pic whenever I want. I think if I didn't have this daily fix, I'd still be lugging around my big cameras. (For photography buffs: anyone out there ever use an old-fashioned 8x10 view camera? Cumbersome, but amazing, right?)

But, this post isn't about photography . . .



It's about this gorgeous light that falls on the southeast of Mallorca. (The long, golden rays of the sun while sailing in Formentera and Ibiza have "knocked me off my boat" and are a close rival, but I don't need a boat to arrive here.) Colònia Sant Jordi is actually the first place that my husband and I visited before moving to Mallorca five years ago. I completely fell in love with the light and openness of the area. I adore every square kilometer of this island, but the country charm of the rural farmland and fincas so near the sea feels timeless, and of course, there's this glorious light! I would have set up our home here if I didn't have to consider school for my kids!

It was also in Colònia Sant Jordi that I first said to my husband "let's move to Mallorca!" (That move came two years after I uttered those words.) After five years though, our time on the island has come to an end—or maybe it's just a pause— as I know we'll be back often and maybe even to live (hello early retirement?!). We're now back in Switzerland, our home before Mallorca.

So . . . after the movers picked up our boxes in Palma, we spent our final days in Sant Jordi to soak in the Mediterranean sun, stroll and bike the long boardwalk from the little marina of Colònia Sant Jordi to Es Trenc beach (I know of no other promenade of this length by the sea on Mallorca, do you? It's my absolute favorite place!), and to say a temporary farewell to the most beautiful place I've ever lived. (I've lived in Newport Beach, Manhattan, South Beach Miami, London, and Switzerland, so that's a pretty tough call, but Mallorca still wins!)

I still have a few written, yet unpublished posts about Mallorca, so please keep following along for my tips! Plus, I'll be sharing from Zurich, my new home base, and all over Switzerland, as well as from my upcoming trips in the next few weeks to London, the Provence and the Côte d'Azur, Milan, Florence, Cinque Terre, Venice, Lake Como, Rome, Pompeii, the Amalfi Coast, and Kitzbühel! I'm really happy to be living in the heart of Europe again so I can easily travel to France, Italy, Austria, and Germany! But, I will forever keep Spain very close to my heart . . . España, te quiero!!


There are several hotels on the front line (some for adults only), but they don't disturb the landscape very much and you still have gorgeous views along the promenade. The most beautiful is the Hotel Tres Playas, but we have also stayed at the middle-tier THB Sur Mallorca because they have tennis courts and bike rentals, which my kids love! The hotel is clean with minimal, basic accommodations, but all of the rooms have magnificent, panoramic sea views, which makes up for the lack of luxury. (I recommend you take a pass on the food and eat elsewhere!)

I hope you can make it one day to Colònia Sant Jordi—especially at the golden hour! You won't regret it! Below are a few more tips for the area . . .

Cassai Beach House Boutique

Cassai Beach House Boutique

Hotel Tres Playas - 4 star (waterfront, the most luxurious in the area, pool, indoor sea water pool)

THB Sur Mallorca - 4 star (waterfront, spectacular views, pool, tennis court, bike rental, but basic no-frills accommodations)

Hostal Colonial - (clean, super friendly! I haven't stayed, but I snack here often and know the staff)

Cassai Beach House (beautiful rustic beach chic ambiance on the beach; you'll find enough healthy options too! pity they don't serve breakfast)

Restaurante Hostal Playa (traditional Spanish food with fresh fish, frontline sea view)

Hostal Colonial Cafe (salads, panini, organic and vegan gelato)

You don't need a car to stay in this area since it's a flat landscape and the boardwalk begs to be walked on, but if you have a car, you can drive (or cab it) to Ses Salines for two other great places to eat: Cassai Gran Cafe and Casa Manolo. Cassai's al fresco courtyard dining oozes with Mediterranean style and great food and Casa Manolo is one of the best traditional Spanish kitchens on the island in one of the most ambient traditionally decorated restaurants! You will love both of these places! They've been favorites of mine for years!

Cassai Beach House Boutique (beautiful home decor and a few beach dresses and accessories for the ladies! bring a lot of money and an extra suitcase! they also have a second boutique across from their other restaurant, Cassai Gran Cafe)

Cassai Beach House

Cassai Beach House

Cassai Beach House

Cassai Beach House