You Need this Rock Beach to Escape High Season (and Sand!)

My daughter in full wheel pose.

It starts around July. The beaches begin to get crowded and every resident on the island wishes we could fast forward to September. High season brings so many tourists to Mallorca and it's growing every year. According to local papers, it's doubled in the last five years! This means it's getting harder to find your little spot on the beach.

I have some tips for when you're going to one of the popular sandy beaches, which I talk about in this post, but sometimes I just don't want any sand on my body (get tired of it from time to time!) or my kids and I want to just dive in the water and snorkel. That's when you need to hit the rocks!


For those times, this amazing rock beach just below Mhares Sea Club in Llucmajor is where I go. It's not a small cove, but wide and open on the Bay of Palma, and it's almost never crowded here. In high season, you'll find a few other Spanish families or a group of scuba divers, but there's usually enough breathing room for everyone.

It's also dog friendly (in fact, everyone seems to bring their dogs!), so I love that I don't have to smuggle my chihuahua to this beach and she can roam freely in the many wading pools that have been formed by the rocks. It's great for kids too, but really slippery, so bring some scuba shoes for them!

I recommend combining some beach and snorkeling time with lunch at Mhares just above on the cliff. If you're 16 or older, you can also bask in the stunning sea views from your Balinese bed at the adults only club. It's a lower key and quieter atmosphere than most of the beach clubs on the island, so it's perfect when you want to relax, but not really the place for partying. I hope you enjoy your day there!

Tip: Call ahead to make a reservation at Mhares as they often have private events.